What costs are we paying to gain personal freedom?

Gazal Malaiya
2 min readAug 30, 2020

We all want to live life on our own terms, explore our hidden dreams, express our individuality, and not be forced by societal norms. Society has evolved drastically to accommodate this urge of human nature. Our neighbors don’t knock on our door, our family members try not to bother us with incessant phone calls and our friends make appointments to see us. No one absolutely no one wants to take away our freedom and our personal space. We are left on our own, to live our own life.

Image Source — Pixabay.com

I remember that this was not so true when I was growing up. We as people had more tolerance for other people interfering in our lives, or telling us what to do or not, and above all, we were mostly a part of a community. There was some kind of an anchor that made us feel emotionally secure. We may hate this today but, let’s see where we have drifted to claim the so-called ‘freedom’, free from the noises.

In today’s time, we have the freedom to make our own choices, to live a life free from advice and questioning. We get up when we want, sleep when we like, eat what we want, and choose our careers from our own wish. Well, what better could we have asked for? It seems like it is almost Utopian.

Yet, our mental well-being is in an apathetic condition, agony, anxiety, depression, and suicides are on an all-time high. Scientists are researching new and new chemicals like psilocybin and ayahuasca to get solutions to depression and other mental disorders. These disorders are spreading like wildfire. Why should this be the case when the overall quality of life has improved? There is more freedom also than before.

The key answer to this question could be that we humans are more at peace when we are a part of a group, community, or institution. Our mind is in a better state of security and purpose. We may not consciously realize this, but perhaps these close knits connections bring in harmony and anchor our minds from unnecessarily wandering into the dark depths of solitude and depression.

The End